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Let's talk about the service you are interested in, if it can be done and how we are going to achieve it so you love it and tell all your friends!


Haircuts w/Paula


Paula has done approximately 35,000 haircuts during her career... need we say more? Hard to believe she is only 29.





Top of the line products to suds and moisturize your locks, spectacular haircut, styled and out the door! Voila!


Full head color change


You just broke up with your boyfriend, you're running from the law, you just need a change! Roots to end one step color!


Bleach and tone


Is it true blondes have more fun? Find out for yourself! We take the color out and tone to perfection, champagne, vanilla, butterscotch... no not that blue like the lady in front of you at church.




OH NOOOO!!! GRAY!! Cover those babies up!


Full highlight


Sun kissed all over your noggin. After all the foils are in we will use you to get better cable reception. The foils look funny but the end result is magnifique!


Partial highlight


Sun kissed just on your crown and a little around your face like a halo. You'll leave looking like an angel!


Wash/blow dry


We wash, we blow dry.




Curlers are not obsolete honey! You will look truly glamorous after this ancient ritual. Bouncy and shiny hair!




Prom, wedding, you're going to meet the Queen.


Facial waxing




Three words, instant face lift. Need we say more?




These guys have got to go




Bye, bye, mustachio!

Beehive Salon & Boutique
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