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Hi, my name is Junior. I'm the leader of this pack. I may be small but I'm mighty. I think I might be Mom's favorite because when the others go to bed at night I hang back real sneaky like and she usually lets me sleep with her and Dad. I am a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier and I am ten years old. I snort; fart and snore like a longshoreman but people really seem to like me despite these facts! Please click on the free kibble link to help out the poor pups that aren't livin' quite as large as me! 


My name is Rubee, I come second in the pack (according to Junior... but really I'm the top dog around here) I came out the back of a pick up truck at a local flea market. Mother took one look at me and it was love at first sight... you can see why no? I have no idea what I am; I think some people would call me a Heinz 57. I'm nine years old and I'm feisty, flirty and Dad's number one gal. I've got that guy wrapped around my little paw!! Please donate to free kibble as those other doggies are hungry out there!


Louie's the name; Mr. laid back is my name. I run around the yard like a mad man and love exploring the back 4!!! But when I’m in the house, you barely know I’m there. I do like to come up next to who ever is around for a little snuggle once in a while but beware! Sometimes when I'm outside I like to sample the landscape if you know what I mean... I'm half poodle and half shih Tzu and I'm eight years old. I'm number three in this gang of four. And I'll tell you this; I'm never going any lower...NEVER!! p.s. Most people that visit our house always say if they had their choice, they'd take me home with me. Guess in a way I'M top dog! Hey, don’t forget to throw a few kibbles the way of my shelter bros!


My name Is Levon and I am 1.5 years old and a Pyrenees/Komondor mix. I weigh 180 lbs. and I am LARGE AND IN CHARGE!! I protect the little guys from the coyotes at home. I was really lucky to land in Mom’s house, she’s a real sucker for the four of us. Please click on the link below and my bros in shelters will get 10 pieces of free kibble courtesy of you…….10 pieces are you kidding me?? You better donate often because I could eat 10 times that amount!!!!

Beehive Salon & Boutique
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